1. For Your Information

As your school year begins we would like to highlight to you the importance of planning your new year ahead. Of course, you expect your school to have a successful year, but what you have to remember is that, on the way to succeeding, there will be pitfalls.

If you do not plan to succeed, your school could be mired into the pitfalls and never get out of them. In order for your school to do its best, you have to plan for it to do its best. The benefits of planning ahead for your school are:

1. Planning helps decision makers by providing guidelines and goals for future decisions.
2. Planning helps a principal to exercise more control in a situation, establish goals "proactively" and consider contingencies.
3. Planning can help quantify goals and establish a means of measuring success.
4. Planning can help insure that a coherent set of actions are implemented that are consistent with the values and priorities of the decision maker.

Newsletter » How Credit Control Works?

At ECCM all systems are tailored to meet your schools specific requirements. The process is initated by the school invoicing the parent as normal, if the invoice has not been paid when it should have been you send it to us, we start the credit control process and you receive the payments.

We support the use of telephone calls in the credit control process. By taking the time to talk to the parents, the school benefits from an improved relationship and a much better understanding of the parent's situation. Our experience revealed an arrangement of telephone calls, letters and emails achieve results!


Credit control is NOT debt collection!!! Remember all that is required from the school is to inform us of the outstanding school fees and we'll make arrangements with the parents to recover your money. Additionally you decide when to stop the credit control process. Lastly studies have revealed effective credit control maximizes the cash flows and minimizes the risk to the school of becoming a bad debt.