We are an all-encompassing credit control management company that specializes in handling the full gamut of credit control management for your company. You can leave the collections entirely to us and free yourself up for more value-added activities.

We are duly accredited and operate throughout the country.

Our range of credit control services can solve your cash flow and overdue debt problems. ECCM’s credit control management solutions will assist you in analyzing your current situation and recommend the best management solution for your business. Our professional standards and ethical approach will ensure a good relationship and a positive experience.

The proven strategy

We have a proven formula of success that involves calls, letters, and an increasing sense of urgency to convince clients that it really is in their best interest to reach and maintain currency with your company.

When you contract with ECCM’s full service solution, you can dismiss the management of your debtor from your thought process and concentrate on running your business with maximum efficiency. Let us represent you in all efforts to keep your accounts current, and to recover funds owed to you when that proves unsuccessful. In all likelihood, it will allow you to maintain that same good business relationship with your client that you have always had.

The right approach

In many scenarios and any other cases that require from minimal assistance to maximum involvement, we at ECCM can develop just the right approach to manage your debtors. Our consultants will be glad to meet with your company and representatives to discuss your current situation. After we gain an understanding of your company’s real status, we can discuss with you some possible solutions that are specific to the status of your business.