Five things Debt Collectors Can’t Do and Five things they can do.

5 Things Debt collectors Can’t do:

  1. Use Force or Threaten you or your family
  2. Serve false legal documentation
  3. Present themselves as an Officer of the Court, Sheriff and/or Police Officer
  4. Spread, or threaten to spread, any false information about your credit worthiness
  5. Charge more than the fees set down by the Council (They need to be registered with Debt Collectors Council)

5 Things Debt collectors CAN do:

  1. They can request that you pay the outstanding debt (if it is not prescribed debt)
  2. They can list an adverse listing with the credit bureaus
  3. Place a garnishee order on your salary
  4. Repossess one or more assets to recuperate costs
  5. Put a judgement lien on one of your assets (such as your house or car)