ECCM Specialises in Credit Control Management of High and Low Value throughout the South African Market and Across Various Industries.

ECCM is Committed to Serving the Financial Needs of Individuals as well as Businesses. We will Professionally Manage and Collect our Clients’ Debts utilising only the Best in Proven Methods available to our Qualified Team.

We Ensure that Accounts are Efficiently Maintained through our workflow-based system.

Leaders in Credit Control Solutions

ECCM is a Leading Credit Control Solutions Company with more than 19 Years Experience.


Leading Credit Control Solutions Company

Why Choose ECCM

ECCM is an All-Encompassing Credit Control Management Company Specialists, in the Efficient Handling of the Full Gamut of Accounts Receivable on behalf of or Clients.

You can Leave the Collections Entirely to our Experienced and Qualified Team and Free Yourself Up for that which is Important to you.

We are Duly Accredited and Operate throughout South Africa. Our Range of Credit Control Services can Solve your Cash Flow and Overdue Debt Problems.

ECCM’s Credit Control Management Solutions will Assist you in Analysing your Current Situation and Recommend the Best Management Solution for your Unique Business.

Our Professional Standards and Ethical Approach will Ensure a Long-Lasting Relationship Underpinned by Exemplary Service.

The Keys To Our Success

We save you time and money

Saving Time & Money

We are both efficient and effective.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Knowledgeable and Experienced

Knowledge & Experience

Our focus on preparation & diligence

Preparation & Diligence

We are open and transparent with our reporting.

Reporting Transparency