Statistics that have been compiled as recently as 2015 show that consumers in South Africa owe debt of up to 75% of their monthly income to their creditors. And more than half of 19 million active credit customers are in payment arrears of 3 months or more. With numbers like this you can be sure that debt collection is an industry that will keep on growing, which means it’s creating lots of new job and career opportunities for young South Africans. Already, there are over 12000 debt collectors registered and working in South Africa.

The South African call center industry is experiencing big growth, especially in the Western Cape, So becoming a debt Collection Agent might Be the perfect career opportunity for graduates or matriculants with some entry level work experience who wants to get a good start on there career ladder. It’s the Perfect place for you to gain experience working in an office environment and building essential skills:

1. Dealing with people from all walks of life
2. Showing empathy and Negotiating Successfully.

These skills can become invaluable as you continue up the career ladder and they can help you find employment in other jobs and industries too.

Not all debt collection call centers and professionals have the best reputation. And some don’t deserve a good name. You or someone you know may have had such a negative experience when called by a debt collection agent. But there are plenty of such companies that do a great job and do it very well and very professionally. Done well, it’s a necessary business function and done well it’s a valuable service that can help the customer too.

When customers are getting increasingly frustrated by unethical debt collectors., How do you and the company you work make sure that you don’t become a part of these negative statistics?

The simple answer is to make sure the company you are applying at is an Employer of choice that applies best practice standards. In the work it does.

Most reputable Debt Collection Call centers offer more customer centric approach to dealing with customers, where their collection agents take all the customer’s conditions and context into account. This leads to a trust relationship between the Debt Collector and the customer, where both parties work together to arrange a payment schedule that is affordable, realistic and ensures that the customer gets out of debt in the fastest way possible.

By moving to this more customer centric method, the outsourced call center market in the Western Cape increased the Number of new jobs its offers young South Africans from 50% in 2014 to 54.2% in 2015. The increase in quality of customer service that these call centers offer has also made South Africa very popular with foreign companies, with the results that international companies creating jobs in our country jumped up by a massive 23% from 21700 jobs in 2014 to 26700 jobs in 2015. Also 87% of this new job growth in South Africa has happened in Cape Town. Job security at South African call center has also increased, with 91,7% of agents now employed on a permanent basis. This is especially attractive in today’s unstable economic environment. And at Sigma SA, we doubled in size last year, creating 150 new jobs for young South Africans Living near Diep River and in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.