Debt Collectors help their clients/ companies get paid. Their job is to track down people who owe money form overdue bills and negotiate required payments. They resolve conflicts, developing strategies to work with customers to resolve their debts and collect payment. Debt collectors may work closely with accounts receivable and legal personnel to identify customers with delinquent accounts and to determine what further actions to take.
Debt collectors need to listen to their client, to understand why they are in the situation. By listening to their clients, they, as the collector, will be able to determine a solution to their debt problem. A Debt collector also needs to Negotiate with the client to start some sort of payment plan, for a re-payment to happen the Collector needs excellent Negotiating skills. Another skill a collector needs to have is to be a good speaker. Most of their clients are via phone calls. Debt collectors need to be able to speak professionally to their client over the phone, because the collector has to do most of the talking.
Debt collectors also need to be Persistent. Some debtors do not want to be found or may not be responsive when called by a debt collector. Successful debt collectors do not take no for an answer. For someone to be a good debt collector the need to have:

• Strong analytical skills,
• High level of integrity,
• Excellent writing skills, computer skills
• Ability to multitask,
• Strong work ethic, Time management skills,
• They need to have a positive attitude,
• Ability to prioritize,
• Customer service oriented,
• Detail oriented,
• Ethical, Reliable, dependable and honest.
• Time management skills, must work well under pressure,
• Professional, tactful and sensitive,
• Goal/results driven.
• Knowledge of proper and ethical debt collection techniques.
• Ability to quickly build a picture of a customers’ personal circumstances and needs.
• And much more.

To become a Debt Collector, you must have a high school diploma, a course in Finance or Accounting. The more knowledge you have the better debt collector you will be.
Once a debt collector has taken something from you, it is legal for them to sell it to the public in order to pay the money back to whom it belongs.

To sum up what a Debt Collector does, they are individuals that assist clients who have outstanding money that needs to be paid back. They then do their own research on those persons history and financial records. They proceed to get in contact with the person in debt to let them know what will be happening, also to hear if there are any solution that can be made in order to start re-payment. If their process doesn’t work, they then take legal actions, which may include suing. They will exhaust all options possible to ensure they get the outstanding monies paid back to their clients.